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Gallbladder Removal by
Dr. Steven M. LeVine in St. Petersburg, Florida

The gallbladder is a small sac-shaped organ in the right upper abdomen that holds bile, a fluid secreted from the liver. Since it is common for water to be extracted from the bile in the gallbladder, sludge and hardened gallstones can form. If you are experiencing pain or other symptoms from gallstones, or if your gallbladder isn't functioning properly, gallbladder removal may be your best option.

Why Choose Dr. Steven M. LeVine

Dr. Steven M. LeVine of Levine Surgical Associates, P.A., in St. Petersburg can determine whether or not you need gallbladder surgery, and if so, which procedure is right for you. He will follow you every step of the way, from diagnosis to surgery to after-care.

Although many people with gallstones do not experience symptoms indicating that their gallbladder needs to be removed, others may experience severe abdominal pain and infection.

Doctor - Gallbladder RemovalSt. Petersburg and Clearwater FL
Candidates for gallbladder surgery may have some or all of these symptoms:
 Right-Sided Chest Pain Below Rib Cage
 Pain in the Back Right Shoulder Blade

Do I Need a Cholecystectomy in St. Petersburg or Clearwater?

The gallbladder is removed in two ways:

  1. The most common method is laparoscopic surgery. It removes the gallbladder and gallstones using a minimally invasive medical device called a laparoscope.
  2. If the laparoscopic procedure is not possible, an open operation may be needed.  It, too, is a common procedure and carries minimal risk of complications.

To learn if gallbladder removal is right for you, and to learn more about options for gallbladder surgery in St. Petersburg, contact Steven M. LeVine, MD, from LeVine Surgical Associates, P.A. LeVine Surgical Associates, P.A. proudly serves St Petersburg, Clearwater, Pinellas Park, Palm Harbor, Bradenton, and Largo, FL.