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Carotid Artery Surgery in St. Petersburg Florida

Carotid endarterectomy (also known as carotid surgery) is a treatment for carotid artery disease. It helps prevent stroke. This operation removes carotid artery plaque, which is the most common cause of strokes.

There is a carotid artery on either side of the neck. As one gets older, plaque can build up in the walls of these arteries. The more plaque that builds up, the greater the risk is of a stroke.

Carotid Artery Surgery in St. Petersburg FL

While carotid endarterectomy has long lasting good results, Dr. LeVine continues to monitor the patient with carotid ultrasounds at post-op annual check-ups. To learn more about carotid surgery in St. Petersburg, contact Dr. Steven M. LeVine at LeVine Surgical Associates, P.A.

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