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Choose Dr. Steven LeVine for Dialysis Access in St. Petersburg, FL

With a steady, skilled hand, Dr. LeVine is the frequent choice for many St. Petersburg area residents in need of dialysis access.

What is dialysis access?

If your kidneys are unable to clean the waste products from your bloodstream, dialysis access is necessary to undergo hemodialysis. Without access to your bloodstream, hemodialysis isn't possible.

Surgery in St. Petersburg, FL

Dialysis access is an entrance into the bloodstream beneath the skin. Although dialysis access is usually placed in the arm, it may also be placed in the leg or the neck. Vascular access should be prepared several weeks or months before dialysis begins.

Types of Dialysis Access in St. Petersburg FL

There are 3 main types of dialysis access:

» A fistula is a permanent access for hemodialysis. During this type of dialysis access, an artery and vein are connected, typically in the upper arm. Connecting the artery to the vein rapidly increases blood flow. This enlarges the vein, making it stronger for the repeated needle insertions that hemodialysis requires.
» In another type of permanent dialysis access, a graft connects a vein to an artery by way of a synthetic tube, or graft, placed under the arm's skin. During dialysis, a graft serves as an artificial vein used repeatedly for needle placement and vascular access. A properly maintained graft can last for several years.
» Rapidly progressing kidney failure, with no time for permanent vascular access, may require temporary access in the form of a venous catheter. A catheter is a tube inserted into a vein in the chest, leg, or neck. With 2 chambers, it allows two-way blood flow.

Choose Dr. LeVine for Vascular Access in St. Petersburg FL

After your procedure, our knowledgeable staff will also make sure that you know the best way to care for your vascular access and answer any questions you may have. To learn more about dialysis access in St. Petersburg or Clearwater, FL, contact LeVine Surgical Associates, PA.

Contact us today to make an appointment for dialysis access with Dr. LeVine from LeVine Surgical Associates, PA. We proudly serve St Petersburg, Clearwater, Pinellas Park, Palm Harbor, and Largo, FL.